FD eXcel's team of part time finance directors

The company was a specialist consultancy which had invested significant resources into acquiring a pivotal contract with a high profile public body. An attempted fraud on the consultancy resulted in the loss of the contract with a significant potential impact on the viability of the business.

Our Associate Director was asked to assist and:

  • conducted a quick and dirty financial review so as to fully ascertain the extent of the financial damage.

  • persuaded the directors to take advice from an insolvency practitioner, accompanied them to the meeting and obtained clear guidance in respect of their legal responsibilities.
  • produced realistic budgets and cash flow forecasts and accompanied the directors to a series of meetings with their bankers, persuading the banks to provide continued support.
  • implemented strict cash flow management procedures, reports and KPI’s.
  • focused on cost reduction resulting in a slimmed down operation trading from less prestigious premises.
  • guided the directors in their search for additional investors, attended pre investment meetings and dealt with the due diligence process.

Key Results:

  • Prevented a crisis from becoming a disaster.
  • Secured the immediate financial position and negotiated continued banking support.
  • Established processes and procedures that allowed the company to deal with a rigorous due diligence process, culminating with the introduction of fresh funds and additional participators.